Silverlight Editors

An early days experiment to create silverlight based shape editor control and rich text editor control ..

Shape editor : click on “Image” button, select may drag,resize and change several properties of shapes.Some shapes like free hand drawing,text etc supports inline editing which will activate when you double click shape.
[silverlight:, 850, 650]

download shape editor source code

*Above control is just an experiment and may have buggs etc..

Word editor : experiment to Create RichTextBox ( silverlight based word) which allows basic text operations inclusing copy/past text etc to-from word,excel alone with formating and lot more..
[silverlight:, 800, 650]

*The code for this control was reflectored from Liquid RichTextBox and modified to incorporate other features. Liquid RichTextBox is free control to use in your application.

All these controls were created with silverlight 3 some were around 2009 and code may not to usefull as other new features are introduced with silverlight 4 which could be utilized in more efficient way.

Download RichTextBox source code

8 thoughts on “Silverlight Editors

  1. perfect, i very like this editor, what time publish source, i need silverlifht resize drag source
    good bye


  2. Hi Rajneesh,
    Excellent work.. we are looking for developing something similar to that word like editor..
    It would be a great help if you could publish or send us the code.
    Wishing you all the best…


  3. Hi,
    I could not see the image button on your source, but the same is available in your demo…
    Can you post your latest version of the source for word editor.
    Thanks in advance


  4. how can i delete a object (say a line) when user hit DEL key, i know i need to handle KeyDown event, but how to delete a object from the editor….. please help
    Gurpreet Gill


  5. Guru : Source code published here is not exactly same , i lost the latest version of may download the xap file,rename it , uncomress it and use reflector to view and extract code and xaml pages.
    Gurpreet: on del , remove element from its parent collection. Silverlight is data driven, you have to play with object model and not directly with screen rendering.


  6. Thanks Rajneesh….
    one more question 🙂
    How could i access the “RootElement” i.e. Diagram.xaml’s Canvas?
    Actually i want to dynamically change the size of “RootElement” canvas of Diagram.xaml from the MainPage.xaml.cs
    How could i do that?
    Gurpreet Gill


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