Face Detector

Face detection from given picture has many applications including camera’s, scanners and other consumer application. The technique can be applied to improve the effectiveness of application like driving licence, passport generation, data entry applications etc. Recently one of my friends who is running his data entry business asked for solution for data entry of typical forms which consists candidate picture and relevant data. In tradition application usually one has to spent considerable amount of time in scanning, trimming picture. There is no such scanner or device available to do their job automatically and reduce the time spent in processing or increase the productivity. In this article i have written small .net based application which can be used in wide range of application and is based on open cv haar face detection to recognize front face from input picture.

The application is just proof-off concept off-course fully working to detect face from camera. The application also implements motion detection from input picture and it will capture the picture only when motion is stabilized. Imaging if this could be integrated with-in scanner having auto feed tray. The application could be programmed to take pictures based of business specific parameters for e.g. for passports there is different specification as compared to driving licence photo’s. The concept could be integrated with Photo-Me (automatic photo machines) machines where current users has to position him self or move the camera using controller keys.
The application will first wait for any motion if motion is detected and is stabilised for few seconds, it will capture the frame from camera and will be processed by application to detect face from picture and cut the face according to pre-set specification, Say if it detects two faces it will generate two pictures into strip. The concept can be further extended to automatically create data entry into some database with initial picture. The rest of the data will be manually entered by DTP operators. This process will improve the DTP eefficiency at least by 20 % and if it will be incorporated with scanner it may further improve the efficiency by 40 %.

I have recently upgraded my OS to Windows 7 64 bit and the source code of this application is not working on this os.will publish the code once i have mannaged to fix the issue.

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