3d Lenticular (3d Without Glasses)

After Anaglyph 3DPlayer from last month, the next challenge is to create 3d without glasses using lenticular sheet. A lenticular lens is an array of magnifying lenses, designed so that when viewed from slightly different angles, different images are magnified. The most common example is the lenses used in lenticular printing, where the technology is used to give an illusion of depth, or to make images that appear to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles.

Lenticular imaging is a multi-step process consisting of creating a lenticular image from at least two existing images, and combining it with a lenticular lens. This process can be used to create various frames of animation (for a motion effect), offsetting the various layers at different increments (for a 3d effect).

To create output from two input images here in this article you will find lenticular shadder effect (WPF).With lenticular effect you can transform image or video into lenticular source within WPF or online Silverlight application. The heart of lenticular effect is HLSL (High Level Shader Language) code

int pxW =floor (PixelWidth);
float virtualRow;
if(Direction ==0)
virtualRow =round( (uv.y * ImageHeight)/(floor (PixelWidth)));
virtualRow =round( (uv.x * ImageWidth)/(floor (PixelWidth)));

if (virtualRow % 2 >= 1) //Odd Even Rows
return tex2D(RightImage, uv);
return tex2D(input, uv);

The HLSL code above calculates the pixel position and determines from which source it has to pick the pixel color information to create final output. To create and test HLSL program I have used Shazzam pixel shader utility which is very nice tool to quickly develop shader logic.

The attached Silverlight project uses lenticular effect to render merged images and to convert it into good looking 3d, you need to precisely align lenticular sheet on top of your laptop.

Lenticular output from Silverlight project and final look, after you put your lenticular sheet


xaml behind project is

<Image Margin="20" Stretch="None" Name="imageSource" Source="/LenticularEffect3D;component/Uta_bar_sm 1.png">
<effects:LenticularEffect ImageWidth="{Binding ElementName=imageSource,Path=ActualWidth}" ImageHeight="{Binding ElementName=imageSource,Path=ActualHeight}" x:Name="lenticularEffect"  Direction="1" PixelWidth="1" >
<ImageBrush Opacity="1"  ImageSource="/LenticularEffect3D;component/Uta_bar_sm 2.png">

The lenticular sheet has specific ppi (pixel per inch) , since we are trying to produce 3d from laptop screen (TFT DPI 120) and you have to somehow match the picture pixels to screen & screen dpi to lenticular sheet to get desired results. I was not able to achieve very good 3d output as you will need matching ppi lenticular sheet and very high resolution screen to fix at least two pixes under single lenticular lense.

Download source code

4 thoughts on “3d Lenticular (3d Without Glasses)

  1. Can we use this effect to movie ? If no, what do we have to modify, can you please answer me ?
    Is this effect is a polarization/interleaving effect ?


  2. Yes effect can be applied to movies , principal is same as implemented with Anaglyph 3DPlayer .This is interleaving effect which pick one lenticular line from right image and another alternative from left image.To produce final 3d effect you will need matching lenticular sheet.The sheet lpi should match in accordance with your monitor dpi.


  3. hello rajneesh thanks for the  3d Lenticular (3d Without Glasses) project u have designed. You seems to be professional programmer can i request u for small favour which might be matter of spending sometime more on ur lovly efforts. u have wrriten the above project Anaglyph 3DPlayer  and i guess same 3d lenticular in silverlight. i am unfamiliar with silverlight so please can u convert ur code in visual basic so it can be helpful for me to understand more easily, THANKS FOR UR EFFORTS in advance.


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