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LG LCD TV(LD35 Series) Remote Control


Few weeks’ back I have purchased new LG LCD TV (22LG350).This model got USB port and RS232 serial port. You can attach you storage device like USB pen drive or external hard disk to play pictures and music. But unfortunately there is no option to play movies from you storage device.

Technically, It should be possible to play movies(with movie player) as you play music with built in music player in LG TV. After going through several posts and forums like http://lgusb.wikispaces.com/ , I discovered that you need to just change one flag from 0 to 1 in some hidden menu known as EZ-Adjust menu. Information on Divx flag (in EZ-Adjust menu) can be found on lgusb web site.

There are several tips to reach at EZ-Adjust (Hidden menu) where some suggests to buy universal remotes, IR hack and firmware upgrade/downgrade. Since there is RS232 port available on LG TV and manual suggest that this is for serial communication with TV. Actually TV has operating system “saturn6” and you can communicate with OS via serial port.

So I thought to build Remote control for LCD TV running on my Laptop and communicate with TV via serial port (RS232). The source code for this application is attached here and setup for this application is here. If .net framework 4.0 is already installed on you system you may download executables only.
What else you will need to run this.

1.Cable (RS232);
2. USB to Serial Convertor (If your system doesn’t have COM port)
Before running this application you need to identify the com port on which your TV is connected. Run the application, select correct COM port and click on button “On” (Communication).

* This article is not intended for Ez-Adjust menu options; Go through lgusb web site if you want to play with Ez-Adjust menus.

71 thoughts on “LG Remote Control

  1. Hi!
    Thank you for a nice page!
    All my respect for Mr Noonia’s programming skills, but this is a much safer way to open up the video function!
    I used a Logitech Harmony 300 (universal remote control), I borrowed it from a friend.
    Just download the LG 42LD450 file from Logitech, and the function for the menu EZ-ADJUST is already there, waiting to be allocated to a button on the remote control!
    Took five sec to set the “DivX” function to “1” in “Tool Option 3”
    Just my 5 cents :-))


  2. Hi

    I have a 32dl420 lcd tv and i cant get this Virtual remote working with it. ??? have installed appliocation and serial link to TV but nothing .. it doesnt look like it finding the LG TV connected to it. It doesnt show up on the remote “as LG connected”…
    I ahve com settuing as follows ..9600,8,no parity,1 stop bit and no handshake.
    can anyone advise please ?..


  3. Sorry.. some extra info: I’m using a laplink ( null modem cable) for the serial connection… Thanks in advance….!


  4. Hi – Update…

    I am now getting the”LG connected” message on the Virtual remote but cannot get any buttons to work .. ? I am assuming that  volume, channels change should all work but they dont.?.. any ieas on what i am doing wrong.. Thanks and Kind Regards


  5. Anyone know how to control the tv over ip ? I have a newer lg that has an android app, but I’d like to be able to control from my pc.


  6. 42LK450
    Get Fully8 universal remote, you can open Insrtmenu:
    1. Press TV+OK five sec.  led vill blink
    2. Type 1268
    3. Press TV+OK untul blinks
    4. Type 255
    5. Apperas 4 digit *, type 0413 (older4 TV as 32LH3000n 0000
    You are in EZSTART menu
    SET only LG …LK
    USB HUB 0 TO 1
    USB 1 TO 2
    I have tried on my 42LK450, TV didn’t brticked!


  7. thanks for useful information. You can send a complete description of commands for LG? Can I turn on a TV with your application? can  i set the screen resolution? Adjust the brightness?


  8. One more question:user interface only allows you to send commands to the TV ? can i receive status? for example:obtain the status of the screen resolution?Or get the status power (onoff or sleep)?


  9. Dear Rajneesh,
    thank you for clear instructions, works great also for LG 37LD420. USB/DIVx player is now successfully activated. I used the null modem cable with only three wires connected:
    I also followed the instructions written by user evg how to configure the Hyperterminal application. Response of 37LD420 is “f 00 OK8c04x”, command to unlock the player feature is “af 0 ff0d” (supplied by user tyanata).
    So thank you everyone!


  10. Hey there, I am trying to change some settings on my LG via RS 232 cable, and unfortunately the link to the virtual Remote Control is not active anymore.. can someone please post an active link ?


  11. Hi
    I’ve tried to download your Virtual remote control for lg (windows) but all links are dead.
    What can I do
    thank you


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