In most of the organizations FTP is not open and sometime client sends some documents via their FTP sites. The purpose of Web FTP is to bypass proxy and working principle is quite simple. The ASP.Net application takes user input and renders UI. The actual FTP client command execute on central web server. The documents are first download or uploaded to central web server and web application from there route it to ftp server. I find very interesting project known as Vista Web FTP on sourceforge written in ASP.Net and have hosted the tool on my web server which can be accessed at /rajnish/webftp.

 Passwords are only stored in sessions and are not logged anywhere in the application. Make sure to click on exit button when finished your ftp session, this will delete any downloaded or uploaded files on the web server (tested).

 The solution is hosted as is and only some minor changes in css (to make the fast UI) are done. (Use this at your own risk)

 Special thanks to kmanpro (author) for sharing nice tool…

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