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JComQuery is javascript framework library that simplifies HTA on windos (HTML trusted applications) development on windows. HTA’s are HTML based desktop applications. With JComQuery you can develop application in JavaScript (IDE Used will be Vs2008 and above including Express editions) with features like Widgets, irregular shape HTML windows, Multithreaded javascript tasks,asyc. Or background long running tasks, Email, zip , unzip functionality (using PKZIP),FTP classes,application themes (mac : default as theme) etc. Alone with JavaScript libraries the framework includes COM components written in VB 6.0 and VC++.The source code for each component is included in the series of articles written on my blog.
This post will include

  1.  JComCodeGenerator : Generating JavaScript wrapper code for COM interface that can be directly used to program with Intellisense features of VS2008 and above (including express editions) in javascript.The article also includes VB6 application which can read and COM interface and create Javascript library for HTA application.
  2. JComEventBridge : Library to route COM events to javascript library. The article includes VB 6 and VC++ libraries.The JComBridge acts as Bridge between HTML and COM libraries. By default there is no way to trap events generated by COM libraries (Except WScript engine).
  3. JComWindowsShaper : COM component written in VB6 which is used by JComQuery to create widgets and windows form effects like semitransparent, rounded rect windows etc.
  4. JComMultiThread : COM component to create long running background tasks.
  5. Base Java Script Libraries : JavaScrit base libraries to provide basic functionalities like email,threading etc.

If you are familier to .net CLR you can easily develop rich HTA applications with minial javascript and html (css) code.

All above mentioned components can be build into single ActiveX control and deployed as plugin to develop web based widgets application.The application will be limited on windows platform only.
Please visit again to see updates on this post …

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