Silverlight Page Flip

Page flip is a very impressive features in displaying your documents, images, media, etc.. The technique behind page flip is pretty complicated. Below is the page flip live application & source code link.

You can download the source code here (VS 2010).

I could not spare much time to write implementation notes , however, Rick Barraza has a very good articles describing all the mystery behind this technique in his post. The code is based on his article and can be further extended to create silverlight generic control which could even flip silverlight pages, documents, images etc.

Another interested implementation of page turn effect is available on Microsoft by Jeff & Mitsu’s.

Another page flip (book) control is available here

24 thoughts on “Silverlight Page Flip

  1. Dear Rajneesh,

    Page flip is very impressive. if i try it with single page it working fine.
    But when i execute this page in content frame it works with latency.
    When i navigate another page it crash the program. with following error message

    value does not fall within the expected range

    PLease look into and help ASAP
    i am using VS2010 and SL 4


  2. Hi Rajneesh
    Please can you do a backward flip??? or where I can find a backward flip please?? or how to do a backward flip???


  3. I will be soon comming up with another page flip control with integreated deepZoom and backward flip.The application will create deepzoom source on fly from images.Just drag and drop your pictures on book and it will be published on book.


  4. Thanks to Rajneesh’s code, we have created a great looking ebook in Silverlight. And the best part was, we have also integrated the reverse/backward flip functionality. We also have menu driven functionality and next/back button for navigational purpose. Please feel free to contact us at for more information.


  5. First of all thanks very much for the work and sharing and who else behind all and i just wonder if there is a tutorial for this? any book? i would love to buy it! Thanks.


  6. Is it possible to have automatic flip without using mouse click…Just with in fraction of seconds automatic Page turning flip


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