Javascript framework for HTA : Introduction

Hope fully by next week i will publish Javascript framework for HTA (HTML trusted application) applications. The framework enables fast development in HTA based application with skin support. The default skin provided is for mac and can be customised easily just by changing skin css. Framework support email, FTP compression etc. from HTA application. The framework is capable to capture COM events in HTA application. Visual Studio 2008 express edition was used as code editor to enable intelligence in javascript and hence fast development. Some of the components used in framework are :

COM Bridge : Tech- VC++, VB 6.0 ā€“ COM event sink to capture events from COM and pass them back to HTA or Javascript.

JS COM Wrapper Code Generator: Tech ā€“ VB 6.0: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 editor support Javascript intelligence with the help of commented xml tags. This tool generates wrapper javascript for any COM component which can be then used in your HTA page. The auto generated code emits xml tags alone with wrapper code. The wrapper code also takes care of event delegates etc.

Will also post some experience on loading data from database to html tables asynchronously to meet high performance in HTA application.

The framework was designed to develop small applications which will run with just HTML and javascript.

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