VbScript Editor With Intellisense


Intellisense in scripting languages like VBScript is like a dream for script programmers. The goal of this project is to provide VBScript editor with intellisense like it was available in most of Microsoft language editors. The control uses the type library reference to explore the public methods and functions exposed in any com library. The script developer has to code like VB 6.0 language (Dim pConnection as ADODB.Connection) and the editor will automatically convert the code into VBScript.
The complete VBScript alone with added references can be saved as an XML file. The Script property of control will return the pure VBScript which can be executed using the Microsoft Script Control.

Source code at :

PngSkin – Per Pixel Forms Skin

VB 6.0
PngSkin is an ActiveX control written in Vb6 that can be used to apply per pixel alpha transparent PNG skin to any application (VB6 and .NET). You can ask your designer (Corel Draw) to create eye catching designs for your application. The control can be used for win2000 and upper operation systems. The non client area of any window can be designed in professional drawing software.The best part of this control is that to use it in your application you need not code or configure it heavily. For VB6 Windows application, you need not write even a single line of code. For .NET Windows forms, you need to write just 2 lines of codes.The Activex Control uses updatelayeredwindow (ULW) and setlayeredwindowattributes (SLWA) APIs to create a semi-transparent form capable of “hosting” controls. The word “hosting” is not correct. This example shows one way of creating a host form for controls and overlaying it on the semitransparent background.

Source Code at Code Project :